Are you translating French into English for a brochure, business document or any other purpose, and need an expert Anglophone view on the result? Are you working in English and require your copy to be edited, proofread, or even written? Then you’re in the right place for these language services.

About Geoff

Geoff with Skull

Geoff Holder is an award-winning author of 29 non-fiction books in English, covering topics from the paranormal and mysterious to quirky histories, crime and folklore (his author’s site is here). In addition, he has scripted several television documentaries and hundreds of corporate videos, the latter covering all elements of business and public sector activities.

He is also an expert proof-reader and copy-editor for other people’s books and scripts. A member of SOHO-SOLO, moving from Scotland to sunny south-west France has not made him any the less grumpy, but that’s life when you’re a curmudgeonly old git.


Services offered
Areas of Expertise
Proof ReadingChecking spelling, punctuation and grammar in English-language text of
all kinds – business, marketing, journalistic, official or creative.

Copy Editing (text editing)
Reviewing English-language text of all kinds, looking at style, structure,
tone, appropriate language for audience, and other factors to ensure
you get your message over in the most effective manner.
Copy-Writing & ScriptwritingWriting original English text to a brief, whether this be a marketing
proposal, a brochure, or an audio-visual production.
Public Speaking
Expert talks on everything from the supernatural to Scottish history.
In English (simultaneous French translation available if required).


Also from September 2013 the following services can be offered on an ad hoc basis, depending on the availability of the translator, Ségolène Dupuy, a former courts/police interpreter:

Services Offered
Areas of Expertise
TranslationTranslation of French text into English and then proofing of the English text.
InterpretingLive French-English and/or English-French interpretation.



“Geoff was able to view my writing from a totally different perspective and offer opinions that I may have not thought of, which for me was often beyond the call of duty as I had basically asked him to proofread the writing. I would recommend him to anyone, across any subject.”

Ed Hodge, Author of Jewel in the Glen: Gleneagles, Golf and The Ryder Cup


“He is by far the most professional and prolific writer and editor I have come across and would recommend him to anyone without hesitation.”

Jeremy Hewitt, Creative Director, Speakeasy Productions