Proof Reading

Typos: everyone makes them. Having a second pair of eyes on your text is invaluable in winkling out those misbehaving punctuation marks, as well as ensuring correct spelling and grammar. Plus, there’s the issue of consistency – making sure you don’t write ‘McDonald’ in one paragraph and ‘Macdonald’ in the next, for example, or use ‘9’ on one page and ‘nine’ elsewhere.

A clean, accurate and consistent piece of work both highlights your credibility and improves the message you want to get over to your readership or audience. Conversely, text that is full of errors undermines its own status and effectiveness.

I’ve proofread books, scripts, business documents (such as proposals and bids), publicity and marketing copy, and website text. If it’s written in English, I can proof it.


The basic rate for proofreading is €0.01 per word (€1 per 100 words).  There’s a minimum charge of €3, and if the job is large and/or complex I’d like to look at it first before giving a final quote.

If the job requires copy-editing – that is, it goes beyond correcting typos to re-ordering and reworking text – then the Copy-Editing rates apply. Once again, I’d like to look at the text first.