Public Speaking

There’s a full list of my recent speaking engagements on my author’s website. Suffice it to say, I’ve spoken at dozens of schools, libraries, museums, conferences and local societies, with special events including the Folklore Society Conference, the Manchester Monster Convention, the Unsolved Crime & Mystery Festival and the Islay Book Festival.

Topics have included:

• Scottish History (especially the bloody bits)• The Loch Ness Monster
• Crime & Punishment• Magic & Mysteries
• Bodysnatching• Folklore
• The Jacobites• Vampires
• Poltergeists & Ghosts• Literacy
• Stone Circles

And much more besides. I always give a bespoke talk fitted to the need of the organisation and audience. Get in touch.

NB Given that I speak French like a Spanish cow, as the saying goes, any talk will necessarily be in English. However, simultaneous French translation can be provided if required.