Geoff Holder – A Testimonial of his Proofreading Service

By Ed Hodge (Author of Jewel in the Glen: Gleneagles, Golf and The Ryder Cup, published by Birlinn Ltd, Edinburgh, 2013).

Through the advice of my father, Ken Hodge, I sourced Geoff to assist in the proofreading of my first book, essentially a ‘celebration of golf at Gleneagles’ with a slant on The Ryder Cup given the event is being staged at Gleneagles (the Perthshire golf resort) in September 2014. Geoff and Ken formerly worked together.

My dad was always impressed with Geoff’s attention to detail and given Geoff has written a number of books himself, I felt he would be well placed to assist me. I wasn’t to be disappointed.

Writing a golf book of over 80,000 words was a huge undertaking throughout 2012, especially running tandem with my full-time job with the Scottish Golf Union and helping nurture two young children. It was thanks to the support of Geoff and many others that I’ve finished the book.

Geoff, he would freely admit, is no golf fan, indeed no great sports fan. In this case, for me he was the perfect man for the job! Geoff was able to view my writing from a totally different perspective and offer opinions that I may have not thought of, given my background as a golf ‘nut’ and having grown up near Gleneagles and previously worked at the resort. He was also able to look at the bigger picture, rather than the golf angle.

Geoff provided notable opinions, which for me was often beyond the call of duty as I had basically asked him to proofread the writing, in terms of spelling, grammar etc.

Proofreading, of course, was where he excelled the most in terms of my work. His eye for a stray full stop, a loose apostrophe, a badly written sentence or a silly spelling mistake is truly astonishing. His knowledge of the English language really is quite exceptional. To further highlight his qualities, he is also a quick worker. I would regularly have amended versions of my 14 chapters back on my desk within days.

I can’t thank Geoff enough for his services, which are very reasonably priced given his quality. I would recommend him to anyone, across any subject, where proofreading is concerned, but as stated above he is very versatile. He is also a fine writer and the number of books he has published are testament to that. I wish him well in the future and will hunt him down again if I progress to a second book…



I’ve worked with Geoff for over a decade on writing projects ranging from health and safety films for attack helicopter pilots to interactive training modules for job centre staff, and from wildlife documentaries about remote Scottish islands to programmes explaining the inner workings of the justice and political systems.  I have never failed to be impressed by Geoff’s sponge-like ability to absorb and write authoritatively on any subject thrown at him within seemingly impossible time scales.  He is by far the most professional and prolific writer and editor I have come across and would recommend him to anyone without hesitation. Oh – and he’s kind of fun too.  Try him – you’ll see what I mean…

Jeremy Hewitt, Creative Director, Speakeasy Productions, www.speak.co.uk.